Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Loong weekend

We had a long lovely weekend in Stockholm. Spent Thursday walking around trying to find an open museum to check out - no go. Dinner with parents at Snovit, what we in Sweden call a 'sylta'. Friday we did get into a museum, Historical Museum, and it was good but not super exciting (JD disagrees, he loved it). We went on an archipelago cruise with dinner in the evening which was v nice. All tourists.

Sat and Sun we were in Bredsand, did some gardening and shredding of branches with mum and dad's new toy. Sooo much fun... Now its back to reality and working again. Lunches booked out every day, trying to see as many friends as I can in a few days. Tomorrow night we are going to see the local football derby between Djurgarden and Hammarby. JD has decided he is a Hammarby fan. Good for him...

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fru A said...

åh, han är verkligen acklimatiserad om han till och med blivit Bajen-fan! är det ett geografiskt motiverat val?

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