Sunday, 11 July 2010

Sunday doodles

Its Sunday and we are back from a great weekends camping, saw a bunch new birds (for us - most locals have probably seen them a million times) and we either saw a turtle (my guess) or Loch Ness monster (JD's guess) poking its head up in the lake.

The tent is water proof if correctly set up and even if set up half arsed in the semi darkness its almost water proof. So that is good!

We still bring way too much stuff but have reduced somewhat from the first time. We are working on it. We have also realized that anyone who comes visiting will have to buy corned beef as we cant find it in the stores - just ready canned corned beef hash but that just isn't what we want.

And we found a lovely cup cake shop in New Milford (which is a lovely town to start with) where we bought a Violet Beauregard's Blueberry cupcake and an Elvis Banana cupcake with peanut butter and bacon topping. The Elvis was great! Surprisingly scrumdiddlyumptious!

JD has about 10 tomatoes on the plants at least and 2 peppers. The heat is on here so we should be able to start harvesting tomatoes from next weekend I suspect.

Dinner tonight is Spinach Lasagne as our surprise veggie back has contained spinach for the last three weeks and I have been blanching and freezing. No more lettuce and I have to admit I miss it already.

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