Friday, 2 July 2010

3 course lunch

Its the Friday before a long weekend. Noone is in. Well I am and about 3 others. Feels a shame to waste a PTO day on an opportunity to be in the office on my own.

Lunch consisting of - due to lack of self control or ability to choose today:

1) Maryland Crab Chowder - its great. Very creamy.
2) Roast Vegetable wrap with cheese and chipotle mayo - mmm good - its toasted so extra nice.
3) Banana bread - they must have decided to use up old bananas hanging around, its still warm and just so moist and delicious I had to start with a bite in case I wouldnt have space by the time I had had the soup.

Will try and finish all as its rude to leave food I hear.

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