Saturday, 17 July 2010


We are in for a busy autumn!

Aug - 2 camping weekends - CT and Maine then JD goes to Belfast for a weekend
Sep - parents visiting - Washington visit - then Johanna comes over for a few days
Oct - Gunnhild visiting en route to South America, we have a week in Bermuda and Amina is planning a visit. We will try and squeeze in a weekend in Vermont as well.
Nov - no plans! Thanksgiving might be an opportunity for a road trip or if someone who likes food comes over I will happily engage in marathon cooking!
Dec - no plans! We are hoping JD's brother might make it over for Christmas.

Note that in these plans I only have to fly once, which makes me very happy. The thought of spending time in airport just makes me tired. The thought of driving my lovely car around the country though (or taking the train to Washington) makes me happy.

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