Friday, 9 July 2010


Its hot and humid here. So I have turned American and driven to work (and left JD on the train station on the way) all week. Except this morning we walked as we were not in a rush. So we strolled along slowly as its so hot that anything faster than that is a killer. Strolling past the circus on the way! The Big Top is up and lots and lots of caravans around it. Might have to get us tickets for next week...

We are going camping - again- at Lake Waramaug - this weekend. Fingers crossed the new tent will be water proof as weather forecast says thunder and heavy downpour at some point during the night. I am an optimist though so think we will be fine. JD's suggestion is putting up the smaller tent inside the larger one. Double water proofing.

No cook dinner is planned for tonite - cheese, wine and salami.

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