Thursday, 3 April 2008


We went out for dinner last night and the food and wine was lovely! But to my surprise (and disappointment) the toilets in the restaurant were sub standard, they reminded me of the ones we had at school.

What was missing:
  • Nice soap
  • Proper towels
  • Handcream
Come on, they must sell Molton Brown in Sweden right? So go out and get some, I dont want to see soap dispensers and paper towels in a michelin starred restaurant. And I definitely dont want to have to search in vain for handcream. Dont the Michelin men check the toilets before awarding stars? If not, they should.


Angela said...

I'm the same way! Even if everything else is lovely, the restroom can completely put me off of a place

Barb said...

totally agree, maybe you could start a chart or something for all the conviniences at places, you may even be able to franchise it and make big bucks (and then spend a penny!).


Evova said...

Barb - great idea, maybe we should have a loo chart together where we rate places we have been to? We can cover Sweden, US, UK and Hungary! And maybe find some friends in other countries to help us with those ones...

Liz said...

In fact you can buy Molton Brown in a few venues in Sweden. Try NK and select Ahlens stores. If you look on the website, they'll tell you which -
Liz (from Molton Brown!)

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