Monday, 7 April 2008


As always I have spent the whole week in Sweden eating. I how have three weeks of soup and salads ahead of me to try and remove this weeks eating traces and also make some space for the next visits excesses.

Friday night I spent with EL and J drinking champagne and wine. We did eat sensibly though, my only sensible meal all week. I woke with a slight hangover on Sat and started running about cleaning flat, getting cakes, buying paper plates etc. At just after 12 the first people turned up, as well as the "sandwich cakes" - one with salmon and prawns and one with roast beef and blue cheese. They both looked enormous initially, then I got worried they were too small, but in the end they were fine and we even got some left over.

Sat evening we went to Grill and I had the meat fest - mmmm... Wine is extraordinarily expensive in restaurants here. I spent most of the evening ranting about this and still havent gotten over the chock of seeing the prices. But at least it meant I wasnt hungover on Sunday.

Poor JD had to work all weekend, luckily only a few hours yesterday so we did have time to go for a walk and lunch before falling asleep in the sofa to Simon Schama for a few hours.


Barb said...

Hmmm, culinary feast. Shame about the wine. Does this mean that you will be taking a hip flask with you?

Hope you get better. See you tomorrow night.


Evova said...

Hip flask is a good idea...

Well I now remember why 1) dinner parties are so popular here and 2) you always go to someones flat to drink before you go out.

Fenridal said...

See Please Here

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