Tuesday, 22 April 2008


With JD away I can give in to my urges to watch really bad tv. So I am now addicted to 'The Diets that Time Forgot' and I dont mind a bit of Great British Menu, Project Catwalk, American Idol, I'll do Anything, Britain's got Talent. I reccon I will need to go on a tv detox when JD moves back.

That random diet with maple syrup, water and cayenne - maybe its worth trying.

Oh no, am I getting brain washed by the crap shows?


Barb said...

hmmm, I think we need to get you out more. These programmes sound terrible. I am thinking we should to jogging?

Eva-L said...

I'd like a diet with cream tea, any chance?
Are you coming back soon? I'm beginning to get used to having you here.

Evova said...

ok I like sound of cream tea more than jogging, but deffo to both.

am back on wed nite EL

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