Friday, 18 April 2008

Little Mint Green Box

Today I went to the post office and collected a parcel. Its been there for a week and the evidence that I buy too much on line came when the post master lit up when he saw me and said 'Oh, yes I saw your parcel and wondered when you'd be in.' No need for the card or for showing ID. I am personally making sure the Shoreham office stays in business, everyone in town should thank me.

Back to the parcel. I had no idea what it was so of course ripped it up as soon as I was done chatting to Mr Postman. I could feel a hard square box. Interesting... Then I could see the colour. Mint green. Could it be? No, must be some organic cleaning thing I bought and forgot about.

Turns out it IS a mint green box from Tiffanys, with a white silk ribbon around it. And a certificate telling me its not a cheap copy for Hong Kong. I love Lisa Marie. She is the best.


fru A said...

som innehöll vadå..?

Evova said...

ett fint litet silverhange med kedja

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