Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Michael Caine

JD and I both woke up at 6 today, not because we had to but because we are both heading off today. So of course we had lots of to do's in our head that we needed to deal with rather than sleeping that extra hour.

Not that we got up, instead we spent an hour lying in bed chatting. Which was very nice until we got onto the topic of Michael Caine, who was a guest at Parkinson the other night. He said he has done more than 100 films in his life, 39 since he retired. So the quiz for the day is - name 10 films with Michael Caine - no cheating looking it up on the internet.

We got to 8, then had to run downstairs, go on the internet and spent 15 minutes saying "oh that one, of course!"

Try it, fun fun fun for the whole family.

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