Wednesday, 12 December 2007


Apologies for shaky photo, just got too excited.

Met Harry Potter in the reception of work, he was doing baloon art for kids, I of course kicked them all away to get to him and have a photo taken.


Barbara Avern said...

My, Mr Potter seems to have lost weight.

Does he not have a magic spell for shaky camera work? Did you go all star struck?


Evova said...

I was rushing out for dinner and nabbed him inbetween the hordes of kids turning up. Got a bit star struck I guess.

He was surprisingly similar looking to HP original, just a bit taller and thinner. SHould have asked him to take his top of to check out if he had the six pack like HP original really...

Barbara Avern said...

Haha. Monday night is cool. will try and make something nice. just picked up fillet steak for tonights dinner. we are such carnivours"


fru A said...