Thursday, 13 December 2007

Christmas wish list

What do you want for Christmas? Malin asked me to make a list, cause she had been asked in turn. I think you should write one too.

I want:
  • a builder offer that is reasonable for the kitchen, scheduled for Jan and given to me by end tomorrow
  • an urge to do sport, so I will start running, selecting active holiday and search for new hobbies involving excertion
  • Glogg, spritglogg ideally, Blossa obviously
  • that JD gets a weeks extension in Bas Vegas so he doesnt come home moping for a week
  • that JD gets a job in Sweden next year
  • that I get a job in NY next year
  • a cure for Alzheimer so T Pratchett can keep writing for many more years to come


fru A said...

du till NY och han till Sverige, men, hur ska det då bli!?!

Evova said...

alltsa bara for nagra manader!! det blir spannande o han kan till slut ta mathe ut pa stan o se vem som kan dricka mest ol...

Eva-L said...

but why are you offline? are you working?

fru A said...

strålande idé!