Monday, 10 December 2007


Tonight we are off on our first Christmas party with work, its a nicer one than the next one because its only for our little project group. We are going to cook food together and then eat it (together of course). It sounds terribly communal and communist, but I suspect it will be more a competition in capitalist spirit than anything nice and soft-clothed 70's styled.

As we are in London we are staying in a hotel overnight, which is nice because you dont have to get on the train tonight. But it does mean that tomorrow morning we are all going to have to leave for work extra early to take into account the longer journey. But we found out when checking in that breakfast included, so stomach permitting there will be a fry up for brekkie at 7 before taking the train back to suburbia.


Barbara Avern said...


Hope you had a fantastic time last night, what did you make? Anyone do anything outrageous ala Bond style?

Recovery ok?


Evova said...

cooked tortellini for starter (home made pasta just painfully boring to make, buy it in waitrose) then lambsteaks with potatoe and celeric mash with a red wine reduction (mmm that sauce was nice! will do that again)

vin santo orange cake with orange slices marinated in grand marnier

dark chocolate truffels.

v nice all in all