Sunday, 1 August 2010


So at end of last weekend I was convinced I was never going to go kayaking again. The teacher lady was insane and while I learned how to get out of the kayak even with a splash skirt on the next person panicked and B had to help her get out of the kayak, somewhat shaken... I was not able to get back in on my own and while teacher lady finally showed us a way of helping each other into a kayak in deep water it was too little too late. I did learn that the paddle is key and the theory behind the stroke. But it was a lot of hassle carrying kayaks, loading on and off and on and off the cars. Phew.

So last Sat night I was happily committing to a kayak free life. A week later we rented a tandem kayak (recreational this time, not sea kayak) and practised getting back in as well as paddling technique. Great fun! So we will continue renting kayaks. Just not buy any. Which is handy as we have no space for them.

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Eva-L said...

I think you're unbelievably brave!

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