Sunday, 8 August 2010

Last weekend of summer

It feels a bit like the last weekend of summer. Not because its going to be cold tomorrow (oh no, we are back to 28-29 and high humidity next week) but because we are just back from what we believe will be the last camping trip of the year. From now on in we are too busy with other stuff to go camping. Which feels a little sad. But all the other stuff is good other stuff so I wont be sad for long.

We went canooing down the Housatonic river yesterday. The nice man from Clarke's Outdoor Store drove us 6 miles up river and then we paddled slooowly down the river passing massive corn fields and sighting the occassional house a safe distance away from the river. We had a snack break and two swimming breaks so we were not working overly hard. We finished by a line of orange buoys indicating a fall - a power station. Turned out it used to be (about 120 years ago) a bustling place where the Housatonic Railway had its repair shops and turn table thingymajig. Now its the middle of the forest. Nice little history lesson for the day.

Today we started off with breakfast by the Housatonic river (scrambled eggs with bacon and new potatoes) we headed back via Macedonia state park camp site - a definite one to add to our list for next year. As we made our way south and west we hit Wassaic - small village in NY State which also was a bustling place 120 or so years ago. The man who supplied the Confederate army with condensed milk built up the place after relocating his business from Texas, dontchaknow. All very quaint and sweet and very sleepy on a Sunday morning.

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