Wednesday, 20 May 2009


Please admire the asparagus baby plants in the front of the picture on the right, looking like small pine trees. We bought 3 asparagus babyplants from Wilkos and planted in a pot to see if it would work. Behind the mini pines are the monster potatoe plants JD has planted and you can also see the brussel sprout plants that JD is hoping will bring fruit in time for Christmas.

I have decided to adopt the asparagus plants to Heidi when we move to the US as the are not going to be edible til in two years time. And as she is super reliable I am sure will will be able to restrain herself from nibbling already next year and be patient for the 2011 crop.

Oh, we also have about 20 self seeded tomato plants scattered around the pots. This is after we gave away about 30 plants - tomatoes are insane. And I had to add a photo of the roses just coming out! Summer is here, my garden will soon smell lovely of roses and honeysuckle.


Fru A said...

o så fina, se till att hitta en god adoptivfamilj :)
grattis till nya jobbet! vill fråga en massa, det får bli per mejl... kram!

Barb said...

Looks like you can rival the Eden project! I am sure the asparagus will bring you a good crop. Very nice!

Barb said...

PS. What are you going to grow stateside?

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