Saturday, 30 May 2009

Living spaces

Two days in I am feeling a bit overwhelmed by the sheer amount of admin required for a move. And I have plenty of help so dont even want to think of what it could be like. I spend a good hour by the scanner yesterday and now have a US and UK bank account set up - linked so I can pass money from one to the other for free. God bless HSBC.

I went on a house hunting trip this morning with a very nice Realtor and have found a great place! Its a bit pricey but I am thinking with all the work that needs to be done I will probably only have time for work and sleep so living well will be important. Its about 10-15 min walk from the office and 5-1o min walk to train station. And 5 min drive to the golf course...

Two bed, two bathrooms, washer /dryer in unit and a little balcony. Am now haggling on the start date and trying to get all the paper work done while I am here. I am looking forward to seeing our stuff in there though... The two bedrooms are lovely so have decided both double beds are coming along! The living / dining room is less spacious than we have today so need to have a think about what we bring. Something to discuss with JD when I get back.

Its sunny today so I am thinking its time I tried to find the beach. Shouldnt be a long drive and if I get lost I have gps. As I started the day with a swim in the part indoor part outdoor pool and then breakfast in room while I worked a little I am thinking an ice cream on the beach would make a great lunch.


Angela said...

Wow! Great news about finding a place! Congrats.

Eva-L said...

Sounds fabulous! Sweet of you to bring my bed too:-)

Anonymous said...

Good news. Sounds like you are being tres organised.

Send pics of the flat.


Evova said...

Piccies on flickr.