Thursday, 28 May 2009


Ok, so we are moving to the US. Its very exciting but a bit stressful.

I am in Stamford this week to meet the team and check out the place. Staying in a nice hotel and work has been fine so far, its day 1 so we will see how rest of visit goes! For some reason I have two double beds in the hotel room, which is nice but a bit unnecessary.

Planning for move is full flow, I have a project plan that I am making more detailed as I find out more. And we have gone through a lot of the house to identify stuff to charity shop. And I have been talking to lots of people about moving, bank accounts, getting car etc etc. I will update as we go along!


Barb said...

whooo hooo, two double beds to bounce on!

Good luck with the admin side of things, bank account especially, it all looks so easy in the movies!

Hope you find something nice.

Miss you! Bet those yanks are missing you already though!

Anonymous said...

så vitt jag har förstås så finns det två dubbelsängar i rummen eftersom amerikaner gillar att dela rum - med andra par!!

mmm, skumt land är det

Anonymous said...

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help, how is the proj plan going?


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