Monday, 8 October 2007


Tomorrow the cleaner is coming round. Not sure what she will do as since last weeks visit we have kept the house as tidy or even improved somewhat on the state (thank you father for cleaning kitchen before leaving today and for spending all of Sunday cleaning the back garden. and thank you mother for the weeding work, especially getting inbetween glass house and fence to get the weeds out).

So I have written a note with what I want her to do, and if she does as I ask we will keep her. If not she is out. What is on the list?
  • Wipe wooden floors, including under beds and sofa

  • Clean shower - base, walls, glass and tap
  • Vacuum and wet wipe conservatory (not on note - because we had MASSIVE crabs for dinner and the floor is covered in bits of meat and shell...)

  • Clean bathroom window from inside

If she is out I reccon we should just get my parents to come back and clean for us on a weekly basis.


Barbara Avern said...


Hope you have got the white gloves ready for tonight!

Would love you to stay over, have two nice duck breasts in need of a good home?


fru A said...

en cleaner... åh... fint kök!