Sunday, 14 October 2007


I obviously worked too hard this week as I not only missed to read the updates that finally got posted on J and EL's blogs... But also I spent only 20 min online in total over the evenings and with my normal work ration low (again work is to blame) I have ended up thinking maybe I missed something. But suspect not.

Update on cleaner - week 2 better so we are going to continue with her. After spending some quality time at B's this week (Thank you for wonderful food and company, and for letting me take care of C who is a darling!) I realize that two grownups who spend the majority of the time at work / travelling/ socialising do not really make that much of a mess so for us to have a cleaner is almost silly, but its worth it. For a family of 4 of which two are small children who love throwing food on floor, washing hands in loo, throwing up a little milk after each feed I would say a cleaner would be a god send.

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fru A said...

indeed it would. even for a family with only one child...