Sunday, 19 August 2007

Rhubarb, rhubab, rhubarb

Rhubarb must be a weed. Back from 3 weeks away from home and it had taken over the border completely. Almost too scary to be picked. But I am brave and without the giant leaves (in compost) the stalks weighed in at 2.6kg. Enough for a large batch of chutney (currently on stove) and a trifle (to be prepared shortly).
So far this year I have made the following with rhubarb:

duck filling

Am starting to grow a bit bored with it. Am hoping this was the last crop.

Its tomato season so the fruit on the 16 plants (all self seeded from last years crop) are starting to ripen. I wonder how many different tomato food items I will end up cooking...


Barbara Avern said...

Rhubarb curmble with custard, yummy! Did your border look like it had been overrun by triffids?

Hope you are all prepared for the tomato season. You are such a green fingered godess!

fru A said...

lite avis. jag vill också ha rabarber.