Monday, 13 August 2007


Am back in India. A bit weird after being in Sweden for two weeks to go straight to Delhi but it is nice to not be in the office just yet. Its not quite the same to be working in another country.

Holiday was great. JD turned up after I had spent some initial days rewindning with friends and we went straight to Bredsand for a relaxing week of sun, swimming and lots of wine. Great stuff!

Swimming several times a day, cycling to town to go to Systembolaget, dinner on the veranda with whatever was purchased that day. Cannot complain! Also read a couple of books and started making some snaps with wild raspberries, St Johns worth and Sloe. We'll find out how they taste when we are back next year, for now they are in my fathers capable hands.

Finished the week with going to Vedhorn for the Jenny x 2 party which was great. JD had the job of cleaning out the baby bath between salad mixings. We got fed good food and drank a lot of nicely chilled beer while chatting to friends. A lot of Kodak moments going on, sitting on the pier in the sunset sipping cold beers - all looking healthy blond and tanned. Maybe more a 'Welcome to Sweden' advert than a Kodak moment actually.


Barbara Avern said...

Hmm, sounds like you had the perfect holiday! Am v jealous. Hope India treating you well, we are missing you. xx

Eva-L said...

That was the best bit, sitting looking out on the water drinking cold beer. Very relaxing. We missed you when you left.