Friday, 17 August 2007

Moet in the Mall

Ahem, am a little bit hungover today. Went out with the team last night for dinner and then on to more drinking. For dinner we turned up in time for happy hour so we got two for one on all orders, had 2 (ie 4) Kingfisher, ordered the small bottles, got the large (660ml) - did not complain. We also decided to have their speciality, vodka shots served in a potatoe bake thingymajig. We opted for jaljeera flavoured vodka, it was vile. It is not a good idea to try.

After dinner we went to a mall to check out the nightclubs in there, hmmm dodgy. Decided Night Time Bird's place was too strange and went to Mojo instead. As it was Ruma's birthday today we ordered Moet for midnight, which we promptly finished before heading out on the dance floor enjoying the eclecting mix of cheesy pop and Indian film music. I am good at the indian dancing it turns out. Not that its that hard with the 'get away from me' hand movements and 'where is it' shoulder shrugs. Great time.

We left at 2ish and headed home, today I am a little bit delicate but should be ok as most of the office is out on an off site.

Looking forward to going home tomorrow and not drinking for a few days. Until Wednesday when I go to Oslo to see Gunnhild. My life is though.


Barbara Avern said...

Hello Ms Hungover, sounds like you have been bollywooded! The vodka does not sound like the tastiest tipple, but at least you tried it. Moet dahling! Come home soon, we are missing you and Lottie is demanding a cuddle from you!

Evova said...

Flying home tomorrow but will be hectic week as I am off to Norway on Wed after work. Will pop by week after that so I get to see the wunder kind.

fru A said...

hå hå ja ja... men vatusan, Moët är gott!