Thursday, 12 July 2007


I have just finished One Good Turn by Kate Atkinson, it was good and would have been perfect for the holiday. But I started it early. I have a few books on the side of the bed I could potentially bring, but I am not feeling too tempted by them so I need some tips. So what should I go out and buy for my holidays?

With only two weeks to go I have started packing mentally (I am sad I know) and also to plan what apart from clothes to bring, ie books and stuff. Clothes I find quite easy to decide on, just need a few days to decide on these, but shoes are trickier, as is make up and general 'stuff' like shampoo/ conditioner / creams - how much can you assume will be there when you arrive? I like to gamble and shop if gamble doesnt pay off.

As I am going to Sweden I am bound to be given some books when I arrive but I will need a book for the journey there, going on my own so it has to be a good one. I have 3-4 audio books to keep me company but as you are not allowed to use devices during start and landing need something to read during these periods... War and Peace is not coming with me on holiday, way too big. I want a nice, medium sized, relatively light hearted but not too much of an easy read, I am not in the mood for thrillers or anything factual (sorry Barb) or biographical.

The only type of 'ladies books' I like are Barbara Cartland because she is a class of her own, but she is more a summer house read than an airplane read (would you be seen in public reading BC?) I am feeling quite picky currently so ideally I would like to find a new book by an author I have already tested and like; John Irving, Terry Pratchett, Zadie Smith, Margaret Atwood, Christopher Brookmyre, Neil Gaiman, JK Rowling.

I am going to have to do some book shopping next weekend when EL and J are here, am sure they wont mind popping into Waterstones for a nose around...


Eva-L said...

I just started listening to Never let me go by Kazuo Ishiguro. If you haven't read it you should. Or listen to mine. Also I can safely say that we will make at least three visits to Waterstone's next weekend. And we'll also go to WH Smith.

Evova said...

Good good. Feel calm now that shopping is being planned.

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