Tuesday, 27 March 2012

DWTS week 2

Roshon - LOVELY quick step! He is like a young puppy, very cute in a tuxedo. 9,89!

Brooke in easter chicken yellow with a cut out triangle over her (very nice) boobs. I think the camera man is distracted.

Sherri - Jive in a very subdued black dress. NO! Off it goes and she is in golden tasseled dress. Not the best dance. But she shakes her tassels very well! A bit Tina Turner, stomping with hands out. And her son is still adorable. Bruno loves it, goes nuts and windmill his arms around. 8,7,8.

Melissa - quick step. With Maks. Not keen on him. And this is not a confident dance. I suspect she will not last long. 7,6,7.

Jack - orange shiny shirt, brown unbuttoned vest and trousers. Yikes. Not pretty. Dance ok: 7,7,7.

Gladys - very Scarlett dress - a medium prized hotel room somewhere missing the curtains. Not great, Len finds the 5! 7,5,7. Audience booing. Hehe.

Catherine - after whinging about not being sexy she dances like a dream, very sexy so just stop pretending. Gah! I am still going to vote for her because she is Welsh. But only a couple of votes. 9,8,9

Jaleel - he works in a burger bar and she is dressed like a skinny biergarten waitress. OK dance. 7,7,8.

Maria - she has a very annoying laugh. They are Bonnie and Clyde and the 70's theme continues (have I missed that there is a theme to the show?) as she is in apricot long dress that Margo Leadbetter would have happily worn (except that her boobs are almost falling out as so low cut). 8,8,9

Cars, bras, macaroni cheese, dr pepper and furniture in the break. And breaking news - chocolate makes you fit. (Did I dream that? Nope, rewound and confirmed. Must be a one off study of two people who only ate chocolate and no food for three weeks while constantly running on a treadmill.)

Martina - in a fishnet top - starting by fondling and kissing Len. Ah her dancing is awful. Tasseled trousers do no help. It gets better in hold, but out of hold it falls apart again. Painful. Love the end, they end up going up to kiss Len but then she kisses Carrie Ann Inaba and he kisses Bruno. Fneh! 6,5,6.

Donald - snappy looking and good dancer! Very pretty dance partner. 8,8,8.

Gavin - I like the leather jacket but he is not any more exciting this week than last. Not sure why he signed up for this, but they say they have practiced more hours than any of the couples. 7,7,7

William - Cheryl in an incredibly unflattering dress. Well noone is going to look at her anyway, William is just too good looking. He still has his top on! Ah I guess a topless quick step might be odd. But could be refreshing! He is very dashing in a tux as well, he just stoops a little, I blame that his partner is short. The audience is going nuts. 9,7,9 (Len not seduced).

I think Martina will leave first or Gavin. We will find out tomorrow who is out!

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