Tuesday, 20 March 2012

DWTS is back!

Wow, they do a lot more of this show here than in the UK! Today is show one and just as it was about to start our TiVo box crashed! So I missed the first dance. As is tradition, the first dance got three sevens because this is a show where none gets real scores.

Anna is back, without wonderful Carson but now with some guy called Jack that I vaguely recognize. I love their outfit! I want her dress! Foxtrot - not bad for week 1, this guy has potential - 8,7,8.

Donald Driver - Green Bay football player who can dance, nice! The crowd goes wild for him, the judges like him but hand out the standard triple 7. I reckon he will dance without a top on next week to make sure he gets the votes.

Some random singer in a mr Bean suit dancing ok, but it is dull, Carina dancing in pink trouser skirt with a bra made out of a beaded curtain stolen from someones door. Ah, where is Mr Revel-Hallwood when I need him? Well that said, even Len and Bruno complain about him (and Bruno rambles on about him stiffening up in the wrong places, ah the audience liked that...) Two sevens and a six. At last a change from the sevens.

Roshon - very young but cute and keen. I like him! I am going straight to ABC to vote for him now! 8,7,8 (Len is moping tonight.)

Sherri and Maks' more pleasant little brother. I like her so far, but I wonder if she will get annoying really soon? He is wearing purple socks! To match her dress, isn't that taking it a bit too far? Her son (I assume) is in the audience, and is just adorable. 8,7,8.

Now the girl I wanted to be when I was a kid! Laura Ingles from Little House on the Prarie. She is dancing with Maks. Yuk. His shirt is open as always, she is dancing in trousers with long tassels that are Cher-esque but in a dull way. Judges unimpressed (or trying to make Maks angry). 7,6,7.

Mexican Brad Brit from Cuba! William Levy is beautiful. The singing though, AAAAH, stop this awful noise! Someone is just shouting the song. Dreadful. Bruno is excited. Standing up. Arms waving and accusing William of being over dressed. Hehum. Carrie Ann Inaba wants a piece of him too, but Len is not completely sold. Triple 8's - so... Len only pretending not to love the abs. Fneh!

Martina Navratilova - looking great all blond and glam. I do hope she is good! Alas, no. Stiff as a plank. Craig would give it maybe a 3. These judges - 7,6,7.

Catherine Jenkins. She is lovely. She is all 40's glam in a bright yellow dress and a very good dancer! No showboating and more just dancing. She should be on the British version of the show. Len and Bruno loves it. Yup she will be out week 1 or 2 due to lack of votes: 9,8,9.

Gladys Knight and the Irish guy - oh this is a trade up compared to his last partner, this one can dance! Standing ovations. 8,7,8.

Jaleel, or Urkel, is great, especially for week 1. Except that this series week 1 is like week 5 in other seasons. Len is excited, and Bruno gushing: 9,8,9.

Oh this is going to be a fun season! Based on today the winner will be Catherine of Jaleel - I am looking forward to hours of entertainment!

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