Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fishy part 2

So last week was all about fish and we will continue this week is the plan. We mixed up a few days so skipped scallop linguine (as I forgot to defrost the wee buggers) and instead had teryaki prawns with brown rice. Friday night (due to snow - about 10 cm - but an excuse to not leave the house) we had fish tacos with tilapia and moved the Sushi pizza to Sat night. Pizza was not as amazing as at Mercer Kitchen but it was nice and we have some ideas on how to improve...

Today we went to IKEA to get a shoe rack, which we didnt get but we did have meatballs (mmm, diverting from fishiness for Swedish goodness). Tonight we are making a lasagna lookalike dish - but with sliced butternut squash instead of the lasagna pasta - spinach, onion, mushroom and garlic stuffing. Mmmm very very very nice.

Monday - Pan fried flounder with potatoes and lemon mayo
Tuesday - Popcorn and True Grit
Wednesday - Fish Stew
Thursday - Shrimp curry
Friday - Moules Mariniere (or dinner in NYC if A has time!)

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