Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another Year

We saw 'Another Year' last night. I love Jim Broadbent so it was my choice. JD thought it was depressing and boring beyond belief. I thought it was sad but good, with some scenes that were very British and made me a little homesick.

Tonight we are waiting for the snow with bated breath. We had snow during the day and more is supposed to come through the night. We have learned a new word: Thundersnow. The news channels are incredibly excited about the weather and not talking about anything else. Its a good thing the weather keeps them busy I guess.


Anonymous said...

Thundersnow, even the name sounds foreboding, only in the grand old US. Sensationalism at its best!


Eva-L said...

Do go back home again. I've been thinking about Brighton constantly for the last few weeks. I miss the gulls. (I am going there in September, regardless.)