Sunday, 7 November 2010


Ah last Sunday we made the fatal mistake of trying a Tempur-pedic bed in one of the shops in the mall. We have since spent every night reminiscing before falling asleep in our old banger of a bed.

So yesterday we said 'no more!' and went to Sleepys for the rest of our lives (geddit?). In the brilliant American way we got it delivered today. And our old one removed for a small fee. In some ways this is the best country in the world!

Its white. Its huge. Its firm. It smells (apparently its the material, not harmful and will go away after a few days). I love it already. Tried skyping from it earlier and can confirm its a good skype place.

After an extra terrible nights sleep (due to noisy neighbours as well as sleeping on the old mattress on the floor) I am giddy with excitement about having an early night.


fru a said...

ljuvligt det låter... hur känns det nu ett par nätter senare?

Evova said...

toppen! val investerat.

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