Saturday, 13 November 2010

Foreign food

On Monday we are hosting an International Food day at work with a pot luck where people bring in food from their home countries (or in many cases, food from their grandparents home countries).

I am bringing in Gravlax with Hovmastarsas - cured salmon with dill mustard sauce. I got a large side of salmon last night and its currently curing away in the fridge. I am particularly looking forward to the Romanian meatballs that one of my colleagues is bringing in as well as the gulab jamun another colleague is bringing in.

I think its a fantastic idea and I missed last years event so this is my first one. I have seen the list of foods, we will not leave hungry come Monday... Unfortunately we are not allowed to accompany our food with the matching spirits from the home countries, some rule about not drinking at work. Fneh!

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