Monday, 16 March 2009

Oh, oh, oh! Pick me! Pick me!

I am a sad, sad person. But I quite like challenges and lists and Cosmo quizzes. Here is a new one I nicked off Articuno's blog. She says she doesnt have friends so I am sure she wont mind if I take it up.

Every answer needs to start with the first letter in your name. All answers need to be real, no made up words! You cant write the samw word twice or write your own name as an answer apart from for question 1.

1. What is your name? Eva
2. A four letter word: Even
3. A Girls name: Erica
4. A Boys name: Edvin
5. A Profession: Economist
6. A colour : Eggshell
7. A piece of clothing: Evening dress
8. A dish: Eton Mess
9. Toiletry: Eczema cream
10. A place / city: Eden
11. A reason to be late: Epilepsy
12. An expletive: Easy!
13. A film: E.T.
14. A drink: Elephant charger
15. A bank: Erasure
16. An animal: Emu
17. Streetname: Eriksgatan, Enkoping.
18. Car: Escort
19. A song: Eagle (Abba)
20. A celebrity: Eric Idle

This was trickier than I thought! EL - give it a whirl now that I have taken all the obvious 'E' answers (mwahahahah!).

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Fru A said...

det där måste jag ge mig på nån dag...

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