Tuesday, 13 November 2007


JD went into town especially the other day to go to the Lego store. He bought an Eiffel tower model that is 1.3 M high when completed. I have been invited to help out building it but declined gracefully.

Oh how I am looking forward to the 'discussion' of how long it has to stay up and where before we can dismantle it and put the box in the loft... Its currently living on the guest bed so the cleaner didnt crash it by mistake (or purpose, seeing as she aint too happy with me after last weeks note...).


Barbara Avern said...

May I humbly suggest the following approach: take about 10 pieces out of the box, that way it cannot be completed. JD is never around to go back to the lego store to complain, so, voila, no tour eiffel?

Its either that or you blame the psycho cleaner for knocking it over?


Eva-L said...

I love lego stores. Funny really cos I don't build a lot of stuff.
You have kept the cleaner's notes I hope, I look forward to reading them in February.

fru A said...

åh, vill se bild!