Sunday, 25 November 2007

Division of Labour

At one point yesterday JD was outside using the axe to cut the logs into smaller chunks for the fire. I was at the same time sitting in my chair in front of the fire knitting.

Felt like I had just slipped into the world of 'Little Women', but with comfortable clothes and without all the sisters.


jlj said...

Well it does sound like an appropriate setting for saying things like "a wee bee in his bonnet". :-)

But E-L and I didn't know that your fireplace actually works. We thought it was just for show.

Barbara Avern said...

Sounds like a perfect Sunday. Did you spend time backing before hand so that the aroma spread throughout the house?


Evova said...

someone turned it from a gas one to a proper one at some point. we are innocent. jd looks less so with an axe in hand though

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