Thursday, 1 November 2007


Justin is convinced our cleaner is a psycho. She keeps leaving letters where she tells me about her life, what she is doing on the weekend, that she hasnt had a holiday for ages but wants one and other bits of info from her life. I am not sure, I think she might just be sociable but stuck in a job where you dont get to meet a lot of other people.

JD doesnt care, he is just concered she doesnt clean the tap in the bathroom and seems for some reason to clean the whole living room floor except under my chair and the sofa. So I shall write a letter on Monday trying to be clear (again) on what is basic cleaning requirements, while being nice and polite (in case she is a psycho) but try and not encourage the long letters about her personal life.

I tried writing instructions on post its to discourage the notes, but she wrote back to me on about 15 post its instead....

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Barbara Avern said...

I think you should buy psycho on dvd and then leave the note on there. She is probably just lonely. Better a good old psycho than a sociopath?!


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