Thursday, 19 April 2012

Work too much

I am only watching this week's show today. It is Latin Week! Which seems to be what the American stars love, unlike most of the Brits.

Jaleel started - six pack out and Kim in a weird outfit with tassels snaking down one leg. The dancing is good - 3 x 8 from the judges.

Brooke has on a dress squishing her boobs in a not very attractive way, did she borrow it from Tess who often seems to have that issue? Who know? Who cares? Santana is visiting! Love watching it on TiVo as the adverts just fly by.

Melissa back from her injury when she hit her head on Max leg. Poor girl is trying to be sexy with Max 'encouraging' her by saying she looks weird. She starts by handing out fruit to the audience. A man on the front row end sup holding the tray with the left over fruit. As all other weeks she seems to not quite remember her steps. I reckon she will leave soon. They finish with her twirling on the floor, but she looks incredibly unsure so it is not a great ending. They are introducing the dance off for the bottom two - I think she might have to re-do this dance... 3 x 7

Maria with the super annoying voice and laugh is up. She looks great, but that laugh drives me nuts. She fell over in training and got a bit nervous so came back all wrapped in bubble wrap. Awww. The man who got the tray in the earlier dance now got to dance with Maria in the intro. She is wearing some yellow fringing, that is it. Looks amazing. HAH and they kiss making up for sure for all the rumours. The dancing should be amazing, it almost is, but somehow it looks like they put too much stuff in there. 9 x 3.

Catherine is up, looking all cute in pink, and looking more comfortable than last week. She kicks him in the nuts in the practice, more than once. Hehe... Oh they are dancing the argentine tango and it is very good! The judges love it 10, 9, 10! Well Len is holding back in case she gets any better next week. This is a far cry from last weeks elimination scare.

Gavin in his hat. Is it to cover a bald spot? Or just because he is cold a lot? He is asking his fans to vote as he is not confident he will get a lot of points for his samba - I think he might need them. He starts in a row boat! Props central today. I think they are going for comedy samba. He looks mainly confused and bemused - but the dancing is ok. He bobs up and down a lot, making me a little sea sick. His dance partner looks like the girl that Danny Zuko ends up competing with in the dance competition - the one who isn't Olivia Newton John and who is a very good dancer. 6, 6, 7 - I actually think they were on par with Melissa so not sure why she got better points... At least Gavin remembered his steps.

William is up - it looks like they struggled a bit in training. They are dancing the argentine tango and the props this time is a dish rag and a cafe table and chair. He looks amazing in a barely buttoned tux shirt and black trousers. The lifts went well (unlike last weeks) and they are doing an incredibly sexy tango. Hope they get points for just looking great. 10, 9, 10! Looking good pays.

Gladys Knight is up - in green this week, channeling her inner leprechaun. Dancing to You Give Me Fever sung in Spanish for some reason. The dancing is ok but in the triple seven territory rather than 10's. But I love that she keeps dancing when it is over, she seems to love this dance which is so charming. Bonus points for charm from Bruno: 7, 7, 8.

Young Roshan is up, adorable as always. He is a great dancer, just a bit too young and skinny to be really sexy, which is what the samba needs. But I like it. Sweet! They mess up a move but recover well, I wish I could vote but the voting closed two days ago. 9, 8, 9.

Donald is up and he is being very encouraging to his (professional) dance partner this week in training. Funny! He wants three 10's. Let's go! Amazing to watch with lots of intricate lifts and kicks. But not a lot of tango steps, I wonder if Lenny will tell them off for that? AW he has lipstick on the tip of his nose, like a little red kitten nose. Cute. Lenny loved the lifts, but felt the rest was nearly but not quite there. 10, 8, 9. Oh judges in disarray!

Recap of the second night: repeat all dances in slightly different order, cut down the judge blabla and add some blabla from celebrities. And the Dance duel - the bottom two couples (Jaleel and Gavin) go head to head dancing the same dance on the dance floor at the same time to the same song (well, duh!). But different choreography. The judges judge. The idea is to stop the exiting of good people early. They are dancing to the ednge of glory and it is really hard to watch and focus on both at the same time. I think Jaleel is better. Jaleel is safe - 3 of 3 votes. Gavin and his hat is out.

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