Friday, 1 January 2010

NY in NY

I found a hotel last minute so we could relax and stay in New York over night at New Years Eve.

We went down in the morning and met Heidi and Stu at Grand Central. We were booked into a tour at the Tenement museum (well worth visit!) and then strolled to Katz's deli and had lunch (I had a pastrami sarnie, JD brisket and Stuart corned beef). Yum!

After a short nap in the hotel we tried the hotel bar GT (mmm approved) while waiting for H & S. They were not allowed into the street as the police had put up barricades. We met them on the corner and then tried a few times to work out where we could and couldnt go. In the end we gave up and went straight down to 40th street where we managed to catch the raising of the ball. Its not very big...

Drinking, food, more drinking at Jack's followed. Its managed by some Belfast boys so JD made friends and we were allowed to stay in our cosy booth the whole night. At 11.55 we went outside to the corner and saw the ball drop and the confetti and general shouting and hullaballooing. Fun! Straight back to bar at 12.05. Turned out only people who had been there earlier in the evening were let back in. We stayed another hour or so and when we walked back through the emptied streets the clean up operation had already started.

Today we mooched over to MOMA and saw the Tim Burton exhibition. Great and free thanks to my blessed employer. Then lunch and a stroll through Central Park before heading back home. Ah! Another year starting. Now time for a nap I think...

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