Sunday, 24 January 2010


Its cold in Savannah. We are wearing all the layers we have brought. I think its the change from lovely warm Florida that is making us so cold as the actual temperature isnt that low...

We spent yesterday walking around town, admiring the squares and lovely buildings. And some less lovely buildings. In the evening we took a paddle steamer boat for dinner and thanks to some great other guests on the boat it was a lovely evening, they all volunteered to dance when the compere asked for assistance, whereas we, in true European style, didnt budge from our seats. We went to the local brewery/bar after dinner and tried their beer which was interesting. The best bit? You get plastic cups to transfer your beer over into if you want to take it with you as you walk to the next bar. Nice!

Today we have decided to drive around a bit to check out the areas around town. Oh and then back to the bar we found the other night for the football (American dito) and some chili. Mmmm...

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