Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Tiles trouble

When JD went off to Stockholm I started organising the tiles. As I didnt like the 1o day wait at Topps Tiles I went to Homebase and found some I liked but felt were a bit prizey. So I went on line and googled tiles and found some great looking tiles, purchased and started waiting.

After a week the tiles turned up and it seems either the company has a fantastic photographer or the photo was of some other tiles. So panic ensued. After mulling it over, showing the tiles to Heidi and in the end sending a photo to JD who confirmed we cannot have them on our wall.

So I went to Focus. Nothing. Then to Wickes. Nothing. Then to B&Q. Something, but unfortunately no boxes left, not even on the high up shelves that I made the B&Q employee go through. So back to Homebase, where I started. The tiles still there so I bought a box and sent a photo of it to JD who OK'd it. So this morning I went back and bought the rest.

Now all I need is for the builder to actually turn up and do the tiling. Maybe tomorrow...

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Angela said...

Ah, yes. The joys of house projects! Glad to see you're surviving....

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