Wednesday, 27 February 2008

This is living

I have laid careful plans for this Saturday. Starting with hair cut and highlights at Tony & Guy. After that a stroll through town and a spot of shopping (Ollie & Nic sale should be coming to an end soon, slash those prices!).

In the evening I have lined up a facial from Lush, hair oil treatment from FabIndia and of course some lovely food and wine. AND most importantly - Eurovision: Your Decision.

Roll on the weekend!


fru A said...

låter som en ljuvlig helg. längtar du mycket efter kärleken?

Evova said...

Nae det gar bra an sa lange. Aker till Stockholm nasta fredag for en vecka. Sa nar kan vi komma o halsa pa er??

fru A said...

när kan ni? det vore supertrevligt!

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