Tuesday, 29 January 2008


What I brought home (excluding presents, as I dont want to spoil the fun)

Custom made:
1 thin silk dress
1 dragon pattern silk dress
1 cashmere jacket
1 duffel coat
1 suit jacket
2 suit trousers
1 skirt
5 shirts

Other stuff:
1 woolly hat
1 pair of woolly gloves
1 pair of long johns
1 turtle neck
1 Casio Excilim (incl. memory card reader, 2GB card, tripod, 2 cases)
1 DS Lite (20 games included and 8GB card)
1 chinese stamp thingy with ink
1 chinese painting
1 set of chinese lions / dogs
2 sets of chop sticks
1 red and leather bag
1 black / purple handbag
1 glittery handbag
1 two strand pearl necklace
1 pair of pearl earrings
1 pearl ring
1 pair of Nike shoes
1 year of the rat memory card
2 books
1 silk jacket

I did leave some clothes behind and with the one new bag plus an extra one that Co brought with him we did manage to get home.


Barb said...

You bought loadsa stuff. What colour is the duffel coat? You will have to have a fashion show. How about I bring nice bottle rioja, venison stew with red onion tart to yours at some stage?


Evova said...

oooo i like!!! great idea, if you bring stew i will do starter and dessert and we have so much wine so please dont bring any. jd loves buying it but we never drink any for some reason...

fru A said...

oh, jäklar! bra jobbat!