Sunday, 18 September 2011


We got up early (for me) today and made our way up to Central Park to join lots and lots of other people in the Race for the Cure. Now the word 'race' in that title is misleading as due to the sheer amount of people even walking at pace was not possible. So we meandered for the cure through Central Park - it was lovely and at time moving as we read the signs on peoples backs.

After getting lost on the way out of the park (clearly we have not lived here long enough) we finally managed to get to the subway and off home. The race itself was probably about 10,000 steps but by the time we made it home the pedometer said 19,910. That is how lost we were. I think the cure is spending more time strolling around the park.

We have now spent the afternoon catching up on tv - True Blood and Strictly. And of course reading Come Bitching. The best blog ever. I love autumn as it brings with it more Come Bitching. Time for some Dr Who and Torchwood and we are all caught up.

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