Friday, 7 May 2010

Pollen and Peru

Its so lovely here this week, sunny and warm. So last night I dragged JD out after work, we had a beer in the sun then tried to get into the Mexican restaurant but it was bunged (5 de Mayo). So we went into the Peruvian restaurant down the road. As you do. I have never been to a Peruvian restaurant before, dont think I have ever seen one. It was very nice though! I had Cebiche (fish cured in lime juice) and then a steak with fresh garlic / parsley pesto style sauce. Mmm...

We shared a jug of sangria with the meal. It was strong. We rolled home through the streets and I woke up very thirsty this morning. But hey it was so nice to be out on such a beautiful evening it was all worth it.

Tonight we went out playing golf (26 degrees at 5.30, just lovely) and we are now watching the UK election results come in. Its very green outside and even I who have never been allergic before can feel it. But its so lovely with sun, warmth and being out and about.

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