Sunday, 4 April 2010


Dinner was nice and well presented but seriously over priced. But it was fun to see the fishes in the acquarium and we had a cocktail on the top floor bar before hand so got to see the views as well as take the very fast glass lifts up the Burj Al Arab.

We are now in Bahrain and its hot. Its definitely an expat place rather than tourist place. Our hotel is very nice with a fully stocked kitchen, a living room and separate bedroom. Oh and a very nice pool! But we are a bit red today after frollicking in the sea a bit too long yesterday before our flight over here. So staying in the shade. Wedding is tomrrow. I got a lovely glittery brooch for the dress at a mall and the nice man explained to me the currency bits and bobs as I got a bit confused. Dress fits so all set for being in the pink tomorrow!

MoF - Flickr not allowed to be accessed in Dubai so photos will be uploaded once back in US.

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