Thursday, 18 February 2010


I have decided to completely give in to my addiction of not very high brow Vampire / Werewolf / Witch books. I blame EL cause she introduced me to Sookie and then it was just a slippery slope.

My latest craze is Kelley Armstrong's books about 'The Women of the Otherworld'. I was lucky enough to only find the series after she had written 9 books. I have read them all and JD did wonder about my sanity as I hid in our guest room and devoured the last two. I was going to hold off until nr 10 came out in paperback but my addiction got the better of me and I have ordered it in hardback and also pre-ordered nr 11.

While I was on Amazon (oh US Amazon will be doing great now that I have moved here btw) I decided to completely let loose so have also ordered the hardback nr 8 Rachel Morgan book (Kim Harrison) and also the lastest Charlaine Harris books (well, ordered one and pre-ordered the next)

As its winter outside I have an excuse to stay indoors and read. Fingers crossed by spring I will want to read something that isnt popcorn literature, but for now I am just giddily awaiting the postman. I am reading Percy Jackson just to get me through the wait.


Eva-L said...

You were already on that slippery slope when I introduced you to Sookie so I can't really take all the credit ;)
But what about the books about the warlock in Chicago? I want to read more of those.
I also lent J the Rachel books.

Evova said...

Have read first 3 Percy books now. Entertaining so can recommend.

OK will get a few more Chicago bloke books and pass over. Did you read both nr 1 and 2 or just the first one?

Eva-L said...

Just the first one. I could'n fit any more books in. Should taken them instead of that weird goth/vampire book.