Sunday, 4 January 2009

House envy

I have a serious case of house envy.

House 1: Michelle and Chris's detached 4 bed with just larger than life proportions. The hallway downstairs is as big as our living / dining room and the upstairs as big as our bedroom. And its all oak panelled. Kitchen massive. And garden all mysterious with grown trees and a gate at the end leading to shrubland where noone ever goes.

House 2: Louise and Guy's terraced 3 bed (+1 loft play room) which is design magazine beautiful. All white walls, quirky shaped rooms (its in the turn of the road) and a beautiful stair case. And a utility room.

I am hoping I won the lottery last night so I can go and buy our dream house, or at least start looking for it.


Angela said...

(*sigh*) House envy. I know all about that! We had V's boyfriend - a General Contractor and "house whisperer" here for the holidays. I'm now remaking both the new little house we bought AND our kitchen/office/backyard. YIKES!

Evova said...

Jeebus! Isnt that a little ambitious? I would quite like a bigger house, ideally with a utility room. I'd love a utility room... And a hallway you can be more than 1 person in.

What colour will the kitchen be then?

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